Thursday, November 15, 2012

Legally Blonde Inspiration!

How to be confused with Elle Woods:
   1. Be blonde
   2. Study Law
   3. Own a pink car (I get a dark pink/violet Mini few days ago, I'll write about it soon!)

   4. Get a puppy (I have a Yorkshire Terrier, she's the love of my life! <33)
   5. Love pink
   6. Be funny, kind, helpful, confident, be successful at the things you do and never give up on your dreams! happens so often that my acquaintances call me 'Legally Blonde' just for fun. :-)
I don't mind at all, I love the movie and how Elle Woods is an inspiration for today's young women who wants to achieve their goals and make a change in their own life by their own struggle.
I saw this movie for a few times, I even showed it to my ex-boyfriend who was a little bit skeptic at the beginning but than he seriously loved it :D.

Let me share with you today a few of my favorite inspirational or just funny, girly pictures from the movie!

The awkward moment when you're laughing so hard that no noise comes out, so you just sit there clapping your hands like a retarded seal.

One of my favorite scenes :D

..but we know, what goes around comes around!


I'm trying not to judge!


Hope You like Legally Blonde too and found this post to be cute and girly. :-)
Please let me know your thoughts!



  1. haha...all time fave girly movie...can´t ever go wrong with that! Go team blonde!!

  2. Love your blog!! Amazing photos,

    Check out mine, will follow you back on Bloglovin' & GFC!



    1. Absolutely and thanks a lot, Kelly! :)

      Btw: your blog is amazing, I loved it.